Multi-country monkeypox outbreak: situation update

This Disease Outbreak News on the multi-country monkeypox outbreak is an update to the previously published editions and provides an update on the epidemiological situation, further information on the use of therapeutics, as well as on the outcomes of the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the multi-country monkeypox outbreak held on 23 June. 

Outbreak at a glance 


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Jackson Ward Collective founders launch new business

From left, JWC Foundation founders Melody Short, Rasheeda Creighton and Kelli Lemon. The foundation, which offers resources to black entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, plans to launch a new accelerator program in September. (Photo courtesy of JWC Foundation)

Shortly after bringing their incubator program under the umbrella of a new nonprofit, the founders of Jackson Ward

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FBI Washington Field Office Launches Cyber Security

The FBI’s Washington Field Office has launched a cybersecurity awareness campaign to warn government and private sector organizations in the National Capital Region about increased cyber threats. As the seat of the U.S. government and the home of many businesses, nonprofits, and think tanks, the Washington metropolitan area is a target-rich environment for cyber attacks. The FBI encourages organizations of

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Python for Machine Learning: A Tutorial

Python has become the most popular data science and machine learning programming language. But in order to obtain effective data and results, it’s important that you have a basic understanding of how it works with machine learning.

In this introductory tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of Python for machine learning, including different model types and the steps to take to

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