Cruise industry faces choppy seas as it tries to clean up it

  • The cruise industry is the fastest growing in tourism and is expected to exceed pre-COVID record highs in passenger numbers and revenues by next year
  • The industry promises to make zero-emission vessels and fuels widespread by 2030, and to achieve a goal of ‘net-zero carbon’ cruising by 2050
  • Environmental groups cite its record on pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and over-tourism,
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Coding the future | Business

At Quantum Quest, an all-girls quantum computing camp, 20 teenage female students recently stood on the precipice of a brand new technology: quantum coding.

“(Scientists) use quantum computers,” program manager Gabbie Meis said. “(Quantum computers) actually use quantum mechanics to solve some of the world’s largest problems, like things with lots of data or simulations that our classical computers just

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Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities for Fall

Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities for Fall 2022-Spring 2023

Yana Zeltser
|July 28, 2022

The Columbia Climate School is offering undergraduate students research assistant opportunities during the fall 2022 to spring 2023 semesters. Undergraduates from Columbia will be able to serve as research assistants on projects related to climate, sustainable development, and the environment, alongside distinguished faculty and researchers

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