The Evolution of Computer Hardware: A Look Back at the History and Advancements of CPUs, GPUs, and More

Computer hardware from the early days of room-sized mainframes to the pocket-size computers of today, the history of computer hardware has been marke by remarkable innovation and rapid evolution. This article takes a retrospective look at the key developments and advancements that have shaped the world of computing.

The Early Days: Mainframes and Minicomputers

In the 1950s and 60s, the … Read More

Researchers develop, test novel 3D microfluidic device to

Placental malaria as a consequence of Plasmodium falciparum infections can lead to severe complications for both mother and child. Each year, placental malaria causes nearly 200,000 newborn deaths, mainly due to low birth weight, as well as 10,000 maternal deaths. Placental malaria results from parasite-infected red blood cells that get stuck within tree-like branch structures that make up the placenta.… Read More

Team’s on-chip technology uses orbital angular momentum to

Quantum computers and communication devices work by encoding information into individual or entangled photons, enabling data to be quantum securely transmitted and manipulated exponentially faster than is possible with conventional electronics. Now, quantum researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology have demonstrated a method for encoding vastly more information into a single photon, opening the door to even faster and more … Read More

Classical machine learning techniques make useful

There has been a lot of buzz about quantum computers and for good reason. The futuristic computers are designed to mimic what happens in nature at microscopic scales, which means they have the power to better understand the quantum realm and speed up the discovery of new materials, including pharmaceuticals, environmentally friendly chemicals, and more. However, experts say viable quantum … Read More