Computer Data Storage : Computers are among the most important tools you use these days, and it only makes sense to beef up your computer data storage to keep your files protected when unexpected surprises come up. This is especially true if your business relies on computers; because you need to protect your data so that you can go on with your communication, sales tracking, inventory management, and many other computer-based business activities even when your systems bog down.

How do you protect your computer data storage, exactly? Here are some tips.

Physical backup. The simplest yet most ignored form of data backup is still the CD and/or DVD. In some cases, you can also use USB drives. These uncomplicated computer data storage devices are very easy to use and store. Make it a habit to back up all your files before shutting down your computer, and tell your employees to do the same. A few minutes of back up can save you from months of headaches, should your hard drive suddenly shut down.

Shared drives. If you have more than one personal computer or a business with multiple computers, why not install shared drives? This way, important files can be accessed by either you or other users (such as employees and colleagues that you authorize). This solution is especially handy in small offices. For example, if an employee fails to show up, authorized users can access the data easily. Work never has to stop just because one person can’t make it to work.

Online data. One of the most popular and affordable ways to store your computer data is online disk storage. This allows you to easily and securely backup all of your important files on a remote server. This is most effective if you fear you’re your data may be destroyed by disasters such as fire and earthquake, hardware failure or theft. And because your data is backed up offsite, you can retrieve it wherever you are and easily share it with your authorized users.