Data storage solutions are a very smart choice for any company, no matter what stage it is in. Whether you are just starting out, or well on your way into expanding, there’s a data storage solutions perfect for you.

Data storage solutions for home-based and small businesses

No matter what you do — entrepreneurial work, moonlighting, or freelancing – you should never take your home office for granted. Recovery and archive services are critical to your success, no matter what your office address is.

There are a lot of very affordable data storage solutions available to home-based and small businesses. These packages provide highly reliable backup, recovery and archiving solutions, such as high-quality drives that are perfect for small business and home office requirements. You can expect to install a fully functional and dependable data storage solutions package for less then $5,000.

Data storage solutions for medium businesses

If you have a medium size business, then you must know how difficult it is to balance managing data while working within a budget. You are lucky if you have in-house IT personnel, but even they need the help of reliable hardware in order to adequately protect your data files. You must invest in a system that grows with your business — an expandable solution that comprehensively manages backup, recovery and archiving processes in a cost-effective manner.

Investing in standalone drives and tape autoloaders that perform automated backups is a wise decision. Many data storage companies offer scalable tape libraries that are perfect for businesses facing fast data growth.

Data storage solutions for big businesses

Bigger industries are faced with even more challenging data storage needs, such as compliance, data growth and transfer and process control. These industries need data storage solution providers that can act fast and meet industry standards.