The Evolution of Computer Hardware: A Look Back at the History and Advancements of CPUs, GPUs, and More

Computer hardware from the early days of room-sized mainframes to the pocket-size computers of today, the history of computer hardware has been marke by remarkable innovation and rapid evolution. This article takes a retrospective look at the key developments and advancements that have shaped the world of computing.

The Early Days: Mainframes and Minicomputers

In the 1950s and 60s, the … Read More

Google Develops MusicLM Toolkit

Google Develops MusicLM Google recently developed the MusicLM device, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can generate music in any genre with text descriptions. However, Google has no immediate plans to release it due to concerns about the risks, especially regarding copyright. MusicLM’s model and extensive training database (280,000 hours of music) help produce music of surprising variety and depth.… Read More

How to Fix Attempting Data Recovery on iPhone

Attempting Data Recovery Every new iOS update is something to look forward to, considering its exciting and significant improvements. But it’s not always a smooth process to successfully update your iOS since it sometimes leads to the “Attempting data recovery” error.

When your iPhone fails to complete the update, you’ll also see a message saying that the update failed. Then, … Read More

Evil Colon Attacks: A Quick Guide – CySecurity News


The high-tech era has made the emergence of new cyber attacks more common than social media trends. One such case of a rapidly evolving threat is the Evil-Colon attack, which shares similarities with Poison-NULL-byte attacks. Despite the fact that poison-NULL-Byte attacks are now non-functioning, it has been suggested that they could have led to new versions of hacking and malware

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Researchers develop, test novel 3D microfluidic device to

Placental malaria as a consequence of Plasmodium falciparum infections can lead to severe complications for both mother and child. Each year, placental malaria causes nearly 200,000 newborn deaths, mainly due to low birth weight, as well as 10,000 maternal deaths. Placental malaria results from parasite-infected red blood cells that get stuck within tree-like branch structures that make up the placenta.… Read More