Butt-Punting Is A Bad Idea, And Other NFL Lessons Learned

maya (Maya Sweedler, copy editor): Football fans in Florida are probably feeling good about now (well, unless you’re in Tampa). Week 3 had some eyebrow-raising upsets, and by the time the dust settled Sunday, I was marveling at the AFC-leading undefeated Miami Dolphins and AFC South-leading Jacksonville Jaguars. We’ll be sure to touch

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Hosting a Web App in AWS EC2

Suppose you want to host your web app in AWS EC2 with Apache web server installed in. Then you would like to reach EC2 via FTP to deploy your web app files. Then you would like to reach this content through your domain name.


There are many ways to host a web app in the AWS environment. Your web

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Private Trust to Test Market with 31,000 SQFT Nearly Vacant

By Jon Peterson

In today’s commercial real estate environment, it is difficult to sell properties. One exception has been buildings with single tenant occupancy with a long-term lease and strong credit rating. In some cases, even those types of assets will have a difficult time finding new owners given the uncertainty surrounding office utilization. If a nearly vacant property hits

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Team’s on-chip technology uses orbital angular momentum to

Quantum computers and communication devices work by encoding information into individual or entangled photons, enabling data to be quantum securely transmitted and manipulated exponentially faster than is possible with conventional electronics. Now, quantum researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology have demonstrated a method for encoding vastly more information into a single photon, opening the door to even faster and more … Read More

| Wordle Algos, Fight!

Designing The Problem

As of January 2022 it’s all Wordle, all the time in certain corners of the internet. If you are unfamiliar with the game a quick Google search will fill you in so I won’t waste space here. As I mentioned in an earlier post I like thinking up algorithms to play games more than I like playing

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