Introduction to ELENA Programming Language

ELENA is a general-purpose language with late binding. It is multi-paradigm, combining features of functional and object-oriented programming. It supports both strong and weak types, run-time conversions, boxing and unboxing primitive types, direct usage of external libraries. Rich set of tools are provided to deal with message dispatching : multi-methods, message qualifying, generic message handlers.


A programming language is

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DCG Fulfillment Signs 300,000-Square-Foot Warehouse Lease in

DCG Fulfillment, Newmark, Lathrop, 3645 W. Yosemite Avenue, Central Valley

Ontario, CA (September 22, 2022) — Newmark announces DCG Fulfillment has signed a 306,412-square-foot industrial lease at 3645 W. Yosemite Avenue in Lathrop, Calif.

Newmark Executive Managing Directors Mark Kegans, SIOR and Ron Washle, SIOR teamed with Executive Managing Director Joe Fabian to represent DCG Fulfillment, a family-owned third-party logistics provider based in California’s Inland Empire. This transaction brings DCG’s

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Vulnerability in OCI Could Have Put the Data of Customers


A vulnerability called ‘AttatchMe’, discovered by a Wiz engineer could have allowed the attackers to access and steal the OCI storage volumes of any user without their permission. 

During an Oracle cloud infrastructure examination in June, Wiz engineers disclosed a cloud isolation security flaw in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They found that connecting a disk to a VM in another account

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Classical machine learning techniques make useful

There has been a lot of buzz about quantum computers and for good reason. The futuristic computers are designed to mimic what happens in nature at microscopic scales, which means they have the power to better understand the quantum realm and speed up the discovery of new materials, including pharmaceuticals, environmentally friendly chemicals, and more. However, experts say viable quantum … Read More

7-year Android Malware Campaign Targeted Uyghurs: Report –


A long-running surveillance and espionage campaign targeting one of China’s largest ethnic minority groups has been revealed by researchers.

Palo Alto Networks discovered the “Scarlet Mimic” group in 2016, which was initially spotted targeting Uyghur and Tibetan rights activists. 

Although the Chinese government has long oppressed and spied on these and other minority groups in the country, no direct attribution

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