Evil Colon Attacks: A Quick Guide – CySecurity News


The high-tech era has made the emergence of new cyber attacks more common than social media trends. One such case of a rapidly evolving threat is the Evil-Colon attack, which shares similarities with Poison-NULL-byte attacks. Despite the fact that poison-NULL-Byte attacks are now non-functioning, it has been suggested that they could have led to new versions of hacking and malware

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Researchers develop, test novel 3D microfluidic device to

Placental malaria as a consequence of Plasmodium falciparum infections can lead to severe complications for both mother and child. Each year, placental malaria causes nearly 200,000 newborn deaths, mainly due to low birth weight, as well as 10,000 maternal deaths. Placental malaria results from parasite-infected red blood cells that get stuck within tree-like branch structures that make up the placenta.… Read More

Butt-Punting Is A Bad Idea, And Other NFL Lessons Learned

maya (Maya Sweedler, copy editor): Football fans in Florida are probably feeling good about now (well, unless you’re in Tampa). Week 3 had some eyebrow-raising upsets, and by the time the dust settled Sunday, I was marveling at the AFC-leading undefeated Miami Dolphins and AFC South-leading Jacksonville Jaguars. We’ll be sure to touch

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Hosting a Web App in AWS EC2

Suppose you want to host your web app in AWS EC2 with Apache web server installed in. Then you would like to reach EC2 via FTP to deploy your web app files. Then you would like to reach this content through your domain name.


There are many ways to host a web app in the AWS environment. Your web

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Private Trust to Test Market with 31,000 SQFT Nearly Vacant

By Jon Peterson

In today’s commercial real estate environment, it is difficult to sell properties. One exception has been buildings with single tenant occupancy with a long-term lease and strong credit rating. In some cases, even those types of assets will have a difficult time finding new owners given the uncertainty surrounding office utilization. If a nearly vacant property hits

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