Virus Effects on Your Computer : Computer viruses are very dangerous, probably representing the biggest problem you can have when it comes to your computer. These little programs can have a lot of harmful effects, which usually come unexpectedly and which are very difficult to anticipate as these viruses are very difficult to locate and identify. Therefore, here are a few things to let you know if your computer has been infected with some kind of virus or if you have another problem there.

Some of the stealth viruses meddle with your access to your hard drives and make your computer be a lot slower when it comes to your access to different hard drives on your computer. Also, if you make the decision of pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, your computer will skip the self test screen and will automatically boot itself, making it impossible for you to identify or fix your problem.

Then, some other stealth viruses meddle with the length of different executable programs, rendering you an incorrect length of these files when you give the chkdsk command. Also, the size of your memory displayed by your specialized programs is smaller than 640 kb. Sometimes, this effect is generated by some of the memory managers, without any viruses being involved, but usually, there is a virus in these cases.

Also, your self-check programs appear as if they have been modified or you only have access to your hard drive if you go through BIOS, not through Windows. There are other signs of your computer being infected, too, such as the programs loading very slowly, your computer working very slowly, your hard drives showing different errors and so on, but these are only some of them, the way these viruses operate being very complex.